About Tashi

'Tashi' is based on the series of award-winning children's books by Australian authors Barbara and Anna Fienberg, which have sold more than a million copies across twenty countries. It sees a heroic young man named Tashi who lives in a far away exotic land, and is soon joined by his technology-loving cousin Jack from the city who has come to stay with him for a while. The pair are immediately inseparable and set out on a number of adventures, defending their village from the misdeeds of giants, ghosts, demons, dragons and witches. Tashi has escaped many villains in his life, having once been sold to a brutal warlord before fleeing in the back of a swan. But it's not just Tashi and Jack fighting monsters these days; they have help from their friend Lotus Blossom whose ability to speak to different creatures enables their adventures to go that little bit further.