About Power Rangers: Lost Galaxy

It is one of the biggest action team franchises in the world, only recently having been adapted to a live action blockbuster starring the likes of Bryan Cranston and Elizabeth Banks, and these three Saban Era seasons follow the adventures of the Power Rangers in Mighty Morphin, Lost Galaxy and Lightning Speed. Five were recruited for this group of teenaged superheroes (in the latest movie they were Red Ranger Jason Lee Scott, Yellow Ranger Trini Kwan, Blue Ranger Billy Cranston, Pink Ranger Kimberly Hart and Black Ranger Zack Taylor), created to defend the world from intergalactic aliens, pirates, sorcerers and sorceresses who want to dominate the planet with their evil deeds. First created by Haim Saban and Shuki Levy, the franchise has been revamped and reimagined over and over again since its inception in 1993. Three movies have spawned from it, a number of video games, action figures and even a theatrical production called 'Mighty Morphin Power Rangers World Tour Live on Stage'.