About K3

Whatever your opinion on modern pop music, you certainly have never met a group of popstars like this! K3 are three best friends named Kim, Kate and Kylie who love to travel the world together as girl-group, performing on huge stages for their multitude of fans. But singing isn't their only passion in the world; they are suckers for an adventure and their new world tour is full of such opportunities. Alongside their lovable chauffeur, who probably never expected his career to take this kind of turn - they embark on number of weird and wonderful journeys into unexpected territory from meeting aliens and saving the Loch Ness monster, to exposing jewel thieves and protecting an orphanage from greedy property developers. Sounds exhausting enough, but they are dedicated performers who are determined never to be late for their shows. After all, sharing their positivity with upbeat and lively tunes is their most important adventure of all.