About Glitter Force

Known in Japan as 'Smile PreCure!', 'Glitter Force' is a superhero animation about a group of young girls who must save the world from terrible evil. When happily ever after is under threat in the magical kingdom of Jubiland, Queen Euphoria sacrifices the last of her power to banish the merciless Emperor Nogo who wants to wreak havoc on the lives of the fairytale characters that reside there. But his work is far from over. He sends his minions from the Shadow Realm to Earth where they set out to harness the negative energy from its residents, and so Euphoria orders her messenger, Candy, to supervise the assembly of five incredible girls called the Glitter Force to defend their home from Nogo's followers. They must collect Glitter Charms for their Glitter Pact compact powder in order to enhance and upgrade their magical abilities and help Eurphoria regain her own powers along the way.