About Digimon Fusion

Digimon monsters might be made purely of data, but they have feelings and abilities like any other creatures. When a middle school kid named Mikey Kudo decides to venture into the digital world with his friends Angie Hinomoto and Jeremy Tsurugi to help his strange newfound buddy Shoutmon, he is presented with a special Digivice called the Fusion Loader to help him on his quest. However, that world has been invaded by a so-called 'army of doom' known as the Bagra Army, led by the Emperor Lord Bagra, who want to use the power of the digital world for evil. Mikey decides to help restore peace to this realm by forming his own army - the Fusion Fighters - who befriend the Digimon and set out to search for Code Crown pieces to save the world from the seven Dark Generals bit by bit. They are outnumbered and certainly overwhelmed, but nothing can break their spirit.